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Reliable Updates & Support

We want our point of sale customers to be fully satisfied with PASAJ, so with your subscription you get access to all future updates and a reliable support.

Highly Customizable

PASAJ POS was built with easy customization in mind. Modular design makes full customization doable in matter of hours as expected for marketing needs.

Easy Integration

No other software can beat PASAJ when it comes to integration with your current systems with its CDS technology. Enjoy hassle-free integration with ERP and CRM systems.

PASAJ POS gives you full control over every aspect of the point of sale. It is not only about design, but even functionalities can fully be customized on all pages across the platform.

You can customize everything is PASAJ Point of Sale

We’ve built-in tons of amazing features to make it possible for you to create the ideal POS for your brand. On top of that our framework is fast, flexible and integration optimized.

PASAJ POS Integrates With All Your Current Peripherals. We Do The Integration Free Of Charge For Your Point Of Sale

Choice of Hardware

With PASAJ POS you have total freedom of choice in hardware. We do the integration with all your hardware, such as fingerprint scanner, receipt printer, barcode scanner, customer display, cash drawer, …

PASAJ POS Point Of Sale Integrates Easily With Any ERP And CRM System

Easy Integration

PASAJ POS can be integrated with all your systems to give you realtime data. It can integrate using API and webhooks, batch files, and directly to database. Data structure does not matter anymore, thank to its powerful CDS engine.

PASAJ POS Point Of Sale Provides Advanced User Access Management

Advanced Access Management

PASAJ has an advanced user access management. You can specify different groups, set expiry date for different access rights and a lot more.

PASAJ POS Is Compatible With MSSQL, MySQL And HBase Big Data Engine

Choice of Database Engine

PASAJ back-end is compatible with RDBMS database engines, such as MsSQL, MySQL, as well as big data engines, such as HBase, which leaves you with minimum database maintenance.

PASAJ Point Of Sale Provides Ful Protection Against In Unwanted Or Unauthorized Data Change

Full Protection

Since PASAJ has a read-write only logic, no one can change your data without you being able to track and revert the changes.

PASAJ POS Point Of Sale Can Be Hosted On Your Own Server, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Or Any Hosting Provider

Choice of Server

You can host PASAJ on any LINUX or Windows server. We deploy it for you on your chosen server, such as your own server, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or any hosting provider.

PASWAJ POS Is Designed Modular. So You Can Desing Your Own Modules And Replace Core Modules Or Customize

Modular Design

Everything in PASAJ is a module, which enables you to edit every aspect of the platform or completely replace one module with one of your choice. We are expanding our partners and soon it gives you a lot of choices.

PASAJ Point Of Sale Can Be Used On Any Device


PASAJ works on any platform, such as Windows, Linux, iOS and any device, such as Desktop PC, all in one PC, Laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android phones.

With PASAJ POS Offline Capabilities Experience Zero Downtime With Your Point Of Sale

Zero downtime

Your salesperson should not worry about internet. PASAJ can work even if oyu go offline for several weeks. It can also works perfectly on slow connections.

Businesses just can’t stop talking about the PASAJ POS after trying it.
Have a look at the marketing features that leads to happy customers.


Since every module in PASAJ POS can be customized to meet your needs, you can make any promotional program readily available to your customers.


You can design complicated reports using the report builder easily or we integrate PASAJ with your organization reporting tools.


Loyalty programs are available as an internal module or we can integrate PASAJ with your loyalty management system.

Enjoy MPOS

Since PASAJ POS can be used on any device, you can use a tablet or cellphone and use it as a mobile Point of sale.

Advanced Customer Management

You can add customized fields to customers record, which enables you to design surveys, consultations and questionnaire and save those data along with standard customer information

Go Paperless

You can go paperless with PASAJ POS e-receipt feature and email receipt to customers instead of printing it. Furthermore, you can follow up electronically with customers via email or text messaging.

Customer Support

24/7 customer support comes with your point of sale subscription, and we are ready to answer any question you might have.

Loss Prevention

You can define business rules in PASAJ point of sale, and based on those, PASAJ determines suspicious transactions. You can then allow them, reject them, get real-time notification or give real-time authorization.

Interactive Tutorial

Hiring new people? Don’t worry about the costly training sessions. With PASAJ POS interactive tutorial, anyone can start using the application with ZERO training.

We created PASAJ point of sale with valid, semantic code and have taken the time to optimize every single bit to make sure it integrates seamlessly with any other well-designed system and runs on any platform.
This minimizes the required changes and expands your choice of hardware to minimize costs.

PASAJ POS relieves you from complicated installation processes and hardware maintenance

No Installation Needed

PASAJ runs on chrome browser on any device, and we also provide Windows, android and iOS installation files if you need them.

Integration Ready

PASAJ integrates with other systems using REST APIs, Webhooks, direct database connection and batch files. We can arrange for other integration methods upon request.

Server Friendly

You can use a cloud service to host the app such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Furthermore, we help you host it on your own server if you request at no extra cost.

Support Straight From The Developer

The only way you’ll get the support you deserve from a software is if the support is coming straight from the developer. We coded every single line, so we know how it works and can truly help you with any issues.

Don’t settle for any point of sale for your business until you try it. You will recon that PASAJ is the best choice & available at an affordable price!

Pre-sell Questions?

Have a question? Just ask! Leave us a comment with your question and we’ll answer just as soon as we can.


We welcome any and all suggestions, so leave us a comment and we will consider it for a future update.

Need Support?

If you find an issue with the point of sale, we want to know about it. Send us a message so we can fix it asap.

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