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with PASAJ POS you can save all your point of sale data and manage them effectively


PASAJ POS gives you flexibility in choosing a database engine to match your current infrastructure and needs. We support MySQL, MsSSQL, HBase NoSQL table as application database engine. MsSQL and MySQL are considered traditional RDBMS engines (Relational database management system), while HBase is a modern big data engine. Both traditional RDBMS and NoSQL are comparable and able to handle large datasets with parallel requests. Therefore, we cannot suggest which one you should use, as we need to know about your infrastructure and data, however, in the table here you can find a comparison of both as a start.


While choosing a database engine, you should consider the following points:
1- Do you have a single server or a cluster
2- Do you need direct integration with another system in your organization? (Directly integrating with database)
3- Do you have regular access to a technical team to maintain the database
4- Do you gather non-uniform data from customers(data with no pre-defined formats)

Not sure of what to do? Fill out a short questionnaire and let us tailor a solution based on your requirements.

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