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PASAJ supports E-Receipt and E-doc management


You can go totally paperless as PASAJ POS supports E-Receipt and E-Docs. You can integrate PASAJ with your CRM or email system and it sends out emails on event triggers with the details you specify. We can also integrate it with your text messaging service and you can send SMS to your customers. These E-Docs can be used to send receipts, consultation results, documents and follow-ups. In the following table you can see a couple of companies who provide email and SMS service that we can integrate with. However, your choice is not limited to this list and you can use any other company and we do the integration for you as long as they support one of the integrations methods mentioned here.


By using electronic documents not only you make your customers happier by not giving them pages of papers they will lose instantly, you also save the environment and save thousands of your business money currently spent on print papers. In summary you will get the following benefits:
1- Lower cost of operation for purchasing paper and maintaining printer
2- Easier management
3- Access to documents anywhere
4- Higher security with user access management

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