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PASAJ POS can integrate easily with your ERP and CRM


PASAJ POS is programmed with the most popular technologies that most programmers are familiar with and design their applications based on the same standards and technologies. this makes integration a straight forward process. PASAJ uses a Customizable Data Structure(CDS) service, which handles mapping of data which comes in or go out of the application. For every data, you just create a mapping table and the rest is automatically done by the service, to make sure the data you receive from 3rd parties matches what is expected and the data you send matches what they expect. Customized Data Structure that PASAJ uses, is in Json format and also a UI is provided inside the application to make it easy to create and edit and you would require no programming knowledge for it. CDS makes PASAJ able to get inventory, pricing, customers, users and any other data directly from your ERP and CRM or from its own server. In the table below you can find a list of 3rd parties that can integrate well with PASAJ, however, the list is not limited to the below and we can integrate it with any system of your choice.

Vendor software Type
SalesForce CRM Cloud CRM


Integration usually is done through one of the following methods:
1- API and web-hook calls. Advantage: real-time / Disadvantage: complicated implementation
2- Batch files. Advantage: Simple implementation / Disadvantage: not real-time
3- Directly connecting to source or target database. Advantage: real-time / Disadvantage: complicated implementation and not universal and requires access to target database
PASAJ is able to handle all 3 methods. The third method requires more development effort, but we are bale to do the work if you have access to database!

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