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PASAJ MPOS works on any device with no extra maintenance needed


MPOS or mobile Point of Sale has many benefits for most businesses. PASAJ POS is cross-platform, meaning that it runs on any device with a chrome browser, and also we have installable files for all platforms if you prefer to install the app instead of using chrome. It allows your sales people to freely move around in the store and interact with customers, while rapidly process the sale, if customer makes his mind on a purchase. Also it enables you to check the reports from anywhere on your android, windows or iOS cellphone or tablet.
PASAJ POS mobile does not require any additional training or maintenance, as it is totally the same platform that auto-adjusts to screen size. therefore, whatever you design and program for the main Point of sale will automatically be available on your PASAJ MPOS

You can use any mobile platform with any mobile card reader and printer and we do the integration for you. However, if you prefer to have a list to compare options, we have prepared the below list for you, but the accuracy is not guaranteed.

Hardware Type Hardware Details Purchase Price (USD) Operating system
Apple Phones/Tablets iPhone X, 7, 7+, 8, 8+/iPad mini 4, pro 10.5, air 3 650+/ 340+ iOS
Android Phones/Tablets LG V30, LG V40, Huawei P20, Samsung S7, Samsung S8, Samsung S9/ Lenovo Tab 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab A, LG G Pad IV 500+/ 140+ Android You can compare phones here

You can compare tablets here

Windows Tablets Surface Go, Dell Inspiron 11 350+ Windows
Credit Card Readers Square, Ingenico, pay dollar 10+
Receipt Printer Epson mobilink 420+ Feel free to choose any other cheaper options available as well, or just use a not-mobile one
handhelp pos all-in-one ZKC handhelp pos 140+ Android


there are few points you need to keep in mind while choosing MPOS hardware:
1- Card reader should be PCI compliant
2- Card reader’s company should support you in case of charge-backs
3- Either the salesperson should be able to put MPOS in their pocket or you should design a pocket for them
4- Consider buying a simcard with internet plan for your MPOS to enable it work even if primary internet is down for ISP or networking reasons, however, even without internet PASAJ is fully functional but the data is not sent to server until back online
5- You do not need barcode scanner and fingerprint scanner as PASAJ POS integrates with device’s ones, however, you need receipt printer and card reader. You also have the option to process payments online or push the basket to the main POS system and process payments there instead of on the MPOS

Not sure of what to do? Fill out a short questionnaire and let us tailor a solution based on your requirements.

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