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No matter how good you internet connection and infrastructure is, going offline can happen at anytime. PASAJ POS can process sales in offline mode as good as online, and it helps making your customers as well as your sales people happy at those times. They probably do not even notice going offline! However, your support team immediately gets notified by advanced event notification mechanism in PASAJ point of sale to resolve the issue. The offline capabilities are powered by service worker functionality of modern web and indexedDb, which is supported by most new browsers. Service worker keeps a copy of selected web pages on the client machine, and indexedDb keeps a copy of selected database data on the client machine. These client-side copies are always kept synced with the server and will server the client in case it goes offline. As soon as the client goes back online, data is synced with the server again. Advanced scripting mechanism prevent data from going out of sync or overwritten. You can manage which data to be saved offline and control the copy of data on each client machine. Our indexedDb management is supported by LokiJs, which is the fastest client db script.


Both LokiJs and service workers are written in popular JavaScript language which makes them developer-friendly. It gives you control over offline data and you do not need to worry about going offline. However, we suggest you have a secondary internet as backup in case your primary internet goes offline. If you go offline for more than a day, you can manually transfer and sync data between your PASAJ POS client and server.

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