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Powerful Page Builder And Customizer

Powerful page builder and customizer

One of the greatest features of PASAJ POS is the built-in powerful drag-n-drop page builder and customizer. There are times that a business might need to quickly change the design or features of a page. Although we always support you, sometimes you want to do it yourself for cost savings. No problem anymore! You can quickly and easily add or remove modules, change style, and even functions on any page (not just sale screen!). This can be achieved quickly, with no or minimum knowledge of CSS and HTML. There are a lot of built-in modules you can use in your page and creating new modules and functionalities is also easy.

The drag-n-drop page builder of PASAJ POS is a not only for sales screen. Indeed, you can customize all pages across the platform with it. This feature, along with report builder and theming service, gives you full control of your site. You are in full control of the pages, in terms of design, functionality and access with PASAJ POS.

We initially build all pages you need for your business(searches, reports, properties, items, etc). Then in future if you need to change any of them, you can ask us, or use this feature to easily do it yourself.

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